The Lion Of Ouidah Has Awakened


Is this a familiar picture to you?  This is known as the door of no return in Ouidah  Benin.  The slaves scattered throughout the four corners of this world went through this door . Known as the door of no return. This is also known with the Trans Atlantic Slave trade. You  may be asking What is Ouidah what does this word means?

The answer to this question is Ouidah is just another word for Judah these facts were hidden from the people known by this name. Who are named by many bywords that is not their nationality . for example (African American)  The people named cannot tell you what country that they originate from because of the cruel history of their ancestors in a brutal slave trade that the country that they reside in don’t care to acknowledge or apologize for even though they benefited off of the death of the nation known as Ouidah or Judah.


It is a historical fact that the descendants of these people that the world refuses to recognize are none other than the bloodline house of Israel. Many ran from Constantine to the interior of Africa. and were brought captive across the Atlas mountains, the Sahara desert. right into the slave trade it is a historical fact that the slave ships were filled with black hebrew people over 1 million.  These people were taken to the America’s and spread through the four corners of the earth.


The Lion of Ouidah is soon to roar because of these injustices that this world refuses to acknowledge. Not only were these people enslaved their very identity was taken from them, and others are claiming to be them.(Mostly those who are responsible for the slave trade).  According to Joel Chapter 3 the Messiah comes The Lion of Ouidah. He slams the world for selling the children of Ouidah. Many of the descendants of Ouidah have awakened to who they really are, This is a sure sign that the Lion of Ouidah has awakened and he is not interested in this worlds social views or their excuses they will answer for parting his inheritance according to Joel Chapter 3.


The brother of Ouidah (Jacob). Edom will be immediately judged on the arrival of the Messiah. For the treatment and his anger for his brother Jacob. Much history has been lost many believe that Edom is White  people but this is not the truth Edom was actually located in Saudi Arabia one of the cities of Edom was Dedan this was located in Modern day Saudi Arabia . These people are the brothers of Jacob (African Americans) These people are Jacobs twin brother Esau.


The judgment will come but not by the hands of man but by the hands of The Most High. Throughout history many of the Edomites have mixed and moved throughout the people’s of the land who reside in Israel.Up till 1948.

According to scripture The Messiah will be on the throne when true Israel returns and the land will experience peace and none will make them afraid .  Does anyone see the Messiah is there peace since the people claiming to be Israel have returned. This fact has baffled many . The Torah does not lie Men do.

When the Kingdom of Ouidah return to her home and her rightful place the Messiah will reside on King David’s throne. This is why it is important for Ouidah to accept Messiah now don’t wait.


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