Hard Evidence Linking The African American Negro to Israel and no one is saying a thing!

Article from the Library of Congress

October 15, 1897

Black Deaf and Dumb Wonder

There has been in this city the last few days a young African Negro who claims to be a Hebrew He is deaf and dumb and black and is trying to accumulate enough money to go back to Africa if he is what he represents himself to be and what he claims is true, he is quite an interesting character he carries a pad of paper with him and a pencil, he answers all questions. by writing them in Hebrew Loschen Khodish.

What incites the most wonder is that he writes Loschen Khodish very rapidly. It is the language of the books of Moses and is made a special study of spoken and written with ease only by the rabbis and highly educated Hebrews.

The Negro was sent to one of the rabbis in Hartford who is perfectly satisfied that he is a Hebrew He says he came from a large town in Africa Where there are a tribe of about 20,000 black Hebrews who speak Loschen Khodish and are quite prosperous He also says that his father is a rabbi. In that town and that is why his father took the trouble to teach him to write those languages

Which needed and extra amount of labor on account of his being deaf and dumb  he says his people don’t only write Loschen Khodish but it is their speaking language as well he left home a few years ago and has seen a great deal of the world.

In each town he hunts up the Jewish section and there they give him clothes food and money. He is now homesick and intends to go back to Africa as soon as he get’s money enough. He showed some money they had collected for him in New Haven.

What surprises him he writes is that no Hebrew knows of his country men in Africa

— Hartford Courant


( The Evidence is overwhelming my question is why are they lying about it)

WHERE IS OUR RIGHT OF RETURN!!!!! or our reparations for that matter!!!! RACISM IS REAL!!!

from babylon to timbuktu documentation

not the negroes

negroland tribe of juda

kingdom of jews


  1. If the Jewish People are Yah Chosen why are they Fighting each other in this Verse Jeremiah 51 v24-27 king James bible, have a Jewish Person Explain this Verse, really read verse 27.


    1. Jeffrey I believe Israel was scattered to the four corners of the earth via slave trades and other means however I do not believe we in this present age can tell who Israel is by their skin color the reason being there were a lot of Irish people whose ancestors were apart of the slave trade and many Israelites migrated to other lands before this even happened . like Josephs coat of many colors I do not believe we can judge who Israel is by outside appearance I believe God will settle it . That is why we put up postings not discriminating against no one because we are all human beings and we can make mistakes and in those mistakes if we start to judge people by outside appearance we can hurt those who really are Jacob. This is the position I chose I leave it all in the hands of God (Yah)


      1. Can you Explain these Verse Jeremiah 14 v2 the color of Judah, we all know the Egyptians was Black, Reuel daughter thought Moses was a Egyptian, exodus 2 v19 king James bible. See you can’t give the half truth of who are the real Biblical People, all 12 Tribe’s are Black Period.


      2. It is well known that Judah was indeed black I have no problem with that . The problem is People who like to debate the bible it should not be up for debate and the problem is people are fixated on the outside appearance rather than what is in the heart. The problem is many are not paying attention and judging themselves and acting and embracing the hate of those who are the oppressors . And are acting like them by their hate Judah is supposed to be a light to the nations . People are so caught up on skin color they lose the true message and fail to point people to the One Yah (God) in worship of him. I am not bothered by camp Israelite arguments of skin tone Moses was a black man Yes it is a historical record and so was Judah Josephus attested to this . Instead some of you wayward Israelites come on this blog and make false accusations . A little leaven Israelite ruins the whole lump. Joseph had a coat of many colors. I can tell you from personal experience the Most High could care less about how you look on the outside it is within your heart he will judge . and if your heart is dark he has already judged you and if it bears witness to the truth and is of light he will judge you. Color has nothing to do with your faith in Yah (God) If hate of others consume you your heart is not right . many are deceived that is why true Israel is in the state it is in Make sure that you judge yourself first before judging others. Make sure he has called you to speak his truth because if he has not your own error is on your own head. Yah’s purpose is to gather not divide . what are you doing are you turning people away from him or are you pointing them to him . That same hate that many bear in their own hearts is the same hate that put our ancestors into captivity – mind who you are talking to I have room to talk my grandfather was a slave . You Israelites need to seek the wisdom of Yah before opening your mouths to speak.


      3. You shouldn’t Put all Israelites in the Same Boat I totally agree it’s about Yah Law’s and commandments First before anything Else. But he only deal with one People Psalms 147 v19-20 king James bible, other Nations Made this about Race from the beginning By Stealing the real Chosen history.

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